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Wake up to the brows of your dreams. 

With consistent use of the kit, expect to notice a change in your eyebrows in just two weeks. Natural and noticeable growth. This is IT.

“We make taking care of your eyebrows an experience that encourages both growth and beauty. Our kit uses a two step process comprised of only the purest ingredients to stimulate growth in a place that many people often neglect. Don’t get left behind by ignoring the most important part of your face. Purchase a browJUICE kit, become a browBAE, and wake up to the brows of your dreams in no time.”

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Introducing a new product for bomb brows.

Scrub. Wash. Juice. Use the browBRUSH and jelly scrub to stimulate growth in the area. Apply browJUICE serum to freshly exfoliated brows consistently for instant growth,



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