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browJUICE is the all natural eyebrow growth serum kit.

There are thousands of products designed to grow the hair on our heads however when it comes to our eyebrows, we are often left to rely on make up. When it’s time to take off the make up, what’s left?

Safe & Natural.

While there are several products on the market that do attempt to help those with naturally sparse brows, these products often contain harsh chemicals that will affect your skin in the long run. browJUICE provides a safe and natural alternative (that actually works, we promise).


We make taking care of your eyebrows an experience. 

We make taking care of your eyebrows an experience that encourages both growth and beauty. Our kit uses a two step process comprised of only the purest ingredients to stimulate growth in a place that many people often neglect. Don’t get left behind by ignoring the most important part of your face. Purchase a browJUICE kit, become a browBAE, and wake up to the brows of your dreams in no time.

browJUICE products are handmade, and free of parabens.*